Welcome to the Maine Rowing Association, and to rowing in the Pine Tree State of Maine. MRA is not a club in the sense of having a clubhouse or a given body of water on which we generally row. Rather, we are a group who enjoy the sport of rowing and who want to make available to ourselves and visitors the best in competition and camaraderie.

The MRA sponsors a series of regattas around the state, from spring through fall. The venues include a variety of lakes, rivers, and salt water. The events are open to all sorts of rowed boats, both sliding and fixed seat. Click on MRA Regattas to see this year's list of events. You must be a member of MRA to participate. Because there are so many seasonal visitors to Maine, we provide a one-week membership option. See Join MRA for information.

Maine Rowing Association - 51 Lakeside Dr. - Falmouth, ME 04105